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We stock a huge range of magnifiers. They range from hand held to self illuminated and spectacle mounted. You must bear in mind that the stronger the magnifier the smaller it must be and the closer you must hold it to your eye. Also please remember that magnifiers cannot restore your vision to former levels but they can help you achieve more from the vision you have. If you wish to ask advice regarding magnifiers please do not hesitate to contact us. We will always do whatever we can to help.


Most people with sight problems have considerable concerns with glare. There are a lot of wraparound filters which can help greatly. They can be worn over spectacles or just as normal sun spectacles. Furthermore a lot of low vision patients benefit from wearing contrast enhancing spectacles as worn by the lady on the left. Such filters can ease problems with glare but at the same time give patients a little sharper vision.


Good, well placed task lighting is absolutely essential if visually impaired people are to maximise their residual vision. As we grow older we all need more light and this is especially true if there is also a sight problem.

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