Buying A Magnifier

Buying a magnifier is not quite as straightforward as you might think. Many factors concerning the person must be taken into account.

These include:
the remaining vision
- the reading tasks the person wishes to undertake
- manual dexterity
- motivation

We do not sell our magnifiers on line as we feel strongly that people with a visual problem should see a professional who can advise on the best magnifier for the task and who can show exactly how to use the magnifier correctly and thus how to derive maximum benefit from the lens.

There are many Low Vision Clinics in the country and these specialise in helping people come to terms with a visual loss and magnifiers can usually be supplied free of charge on a loan basis. If you are not sure where your nearest Low Vision Clinic is located ask your optician or make enquiries at the Eye Clinic at your local hospital.

Our optician is one of the most experienced low vision clinicians in the country and you are always welcome to contact us and speak to him personally about magnifiers or any other matter to do with your vision.

Simply ring 01642 530801 and ask for Gil Smith. If you click on the advice tab of this website you can hear Gil talking about what a low vision clinic offers.

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